Real-time data about your customers

Roidu provides tablet based customer surveys for retail, healthcare, hospitality and events. Our customers use Roidu solution for visitor surveys, customer experience feedback and collecting continuous impulse feedback. Our turnkey service includes survey implementation, online reporting, devices and customer branded stands – all delivered ready to use.
A network of tablets form a powerful and cost-efficient method to collect customer experience data from physical locations. Visual content and survey unit attracts people to answer and real-time feedback collected at the point of experience is more accurate. Roidu online survey reporting enables quick reacting which can prevent negative experiences to spread.

Remote management saves time and money

Run your survey for just a few locations or on thousands of tablets in your different locations anywhere in the world. Surveys can be published and changed remotely over the internet without visiting the locations which allows huge time and cost savings.  Research data is stored in cloud and can be viewed and analyzed centrally or on local level for quick reaction. With Roidu, the displaying of offline content is possible when connection is not available.

User experience

We optimize the surveys for touch screens and customize the kiosk units for customer brand.

Collecting data without network connection

With Roidu you can easily implement surveys that work smoothly also in offline mode.

Make data collection attractive with games

Spice up your survey content by combining it with games and animations to attract more people and collect more data.

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