Improve customer satisfaction and increase sales

By using feedback devices you have fresh data available every day. Customer experience insights enable prompt reacting, increased loyalty and better results quickly.

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Measuring patient experience enables better health care

Roidu provides feedback devices for hospitals, municipalities and clinics. Continuous patient experience data enables improvements, engagement of nursing personnel and patients, which leads to better nursing results.

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Feedback devices tor impulse feedback collection, lead capture or visitor surveys in stores and service points.

Customer Experience Surveys

Know more about your customers

We provide feedback devices and surveys for retail, healthcare, hotels, restaurants and other service locations. By using our tablet solution you can collect impulse feedback or research your customers more thoroughly to find out what they liked or why they were not satisfied.

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Attract and activate your customers with digital brand messaging, promotions and product information in stores and other physical locations.


Activate customers with digital in-store advertising

Roidu is a platform that enables the execution of digital marketing activities on tablets and touch screen devices located in stores and service points. It allows retailers to create and publish promotional offers, enriched product information, brand advertising, contests, videos or any other type of messaging which appeals your customers and generates more revenue.

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Lead capture

Tablet lead capture is modern and efficient way of collecting leads and customer data

Our tablet based solution enables collecting the leads in digital format. All data is directly stored on a cloud service which allows immediate nurturing, and integration to your CRM if needed. By using well designed lead capture content you can ensure that your sales reps are always asking all the important questions when they meet new customers. Our solution can be used both on hand-held devices and kiosks.

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Feedback devices and tablet surveys in hospitals, health care centers and municipal services

Understanding the customer and patience experience has in recent years become more important also in public sector services. Roidu provides customer feedback devices and tablets with customised surveys and questionnaires to many hospitals, cities and municipalities in Finland and other Nordic countries.


Customer experience measurement, feedback solutions, lead collection

We design and implement different data collection solutions for our customers to be used on feedback devices and tablets. Our aim is to always provide a turn key solution which is easy to purchase and quick to deploy. Our customers include well-known consumer brands, large corporations and b-to-b companies from different branches.

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